July 22, 2024
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R1 – Rotation – Rotvision

What is R1 Rotvision?

The rotvision operation is the inverse of rotation. Rotation requires an amount of rotation, a single point axis and a starting point to calculate the new location of a point. In contrast, rotvision requires a current point, a single point axis and an original starting point that are all Opposite Values. The rotvision operation returns the amount of rotation required to get from the original starting point to the current point around the given single point axis.

R1 has only one dimension which uses the x-axis. The standard rotation is flipping. This moves a point from one side of the axis to the other around the default single point axis 0. Because of this, it is a rotation of 180^o counterclockwise or clockwise. Similarly, rotations of 180^o can be performed around any point on the x-axis.

1^ = 1v is the rotation π^ ↺ 1= 1v. It is also the rotation πv ↺ 1= 1v . This gives rise to the rotvision equations 1v /↺ 1^ = π^ or πv. Here 1v  is the current point, 1^ is the original starting point, 0 is the single point axis and the result is π^ or πv. The rotation will always be either π^ or πv unless the starting and current point are the same when the rotation is 0. As such rotvision is not of much interest in R1.


The syntax of Rotvision is:

( Current point) /↺?, (Starting point) = ??o or aπ?

In rotvision, /↺ is the Operation, the ? is the single axis point and together with the original starting point form the Operator. The current point is the Operand. The Operator and Operand must be Opposite Values. The angle of rotation is the result.

In the equation 1v /↺ 1^ = π^, the starting point 1^ and the single point axis 0 form the Operator and 1v  is the Operand. The result is π^.

Finally, the details of how rotvision is calculated have not been worked out and it is not included in our online calculator.


  • 1v /↺ 1^ = π^ ↺ or πv
  • 2v /↺1^ 4^= π^ or πv

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