July 22, 2024
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I don’t normally write about myself, so it has taken me a while to come up with a description with which I am comfortable, especially considering that this site is a challenge to established mathematics.

Some might consider me to be a gentleman scientist, as I am an amateur with broad but limited education and experience in many spheres. My education includes primary degrees in Computer Science and Psychology and Masters degrees in Cognitive Science and Machine Learning. It is 50 years since I wrote my first program using punch cards and recently I programmed a Quantum computer.

As a scientist, I believe that it is important to be sceptical and to question even basic assumptions. Of course, grumpy old men share this trait.

The study of quantum programming reminded me that there are no negatives in the real world. Check out the website www.notoneg.com for the history of negative numbers and the problems that negative numbers cause. This research lead me to question whether negative numbers should be part of our number systems.

This blog is about my research into what a number system might look like without negative numbers. The Wave Number system is so called because it reflects the fact that you can never get negative waves.

The Wave Number system builds upon a simple equation:

1+ 1v = 0

While working on the Wave Number System, I read the classic Don Quixote. Comments, corrections are most welcome and hopefully I will be able to persevere like Don Quixote.


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